Want to get your article noticed on Google? Here’s how

Millions of articles are put up on the internet every day. One may even go the extra step and argue that billions of articles are put up on the internet everyday and yet only an extremely small number of them ever make it to your screens. These articles are not necessarily better than the others, but yet our search engines choose to place these above all the others.

This is probably due to something called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. In other words, careful selection and placement of certain words in the articles in order to increase its visibility on online search engines such as Google and Yahoo which ensures that the website or article will pop up on the first results list of the search Engine.

Most people don’t bother searching beyond the first two pages, in fact the first page of Google is the ‘happening’ page as such with the rest of the results becoming less and less relevant as we move through pages. Search Engine Optimization ensures that by editing a website, optimizing its content and HTML links, it may end up in the first few pages of a Google search, most preferentially the first page.

SEO is mostly seen as a marketing service and it relies heavily on factors such as keyword density. Earlier examples of search engines were easier to use for SEO because they simply picked out the websites with the greatest amount of keyword density, however, now search engines are doing their best to make sure that the results they cite are relevant.

But new search engines have adapted to making their way past such simple trick. Thus SEO also adapted along with them and thus expanded to working on the entire website, rater than adding a few extra keywords, for sake of recognition.

Not every website relies on SEO of course because it does not fit in with the style of every website. Some websites rely on paid marketing, some rely on blogs. However, with Google remaining the most important search engine in the world, SEO remains as important as ever. Nor have keywords lost their importance. They’ve simply become one of the important factors of optimization, instead of the most important factor.

Optimizing keywords sometime includes optimizing related keywords as well in a bid to spread one’s net as wide as possible. For example, if your keyword is ‘cake’ then you may also consider focusing on words such as ‘cake makers’, ‘cream’, ‘pastries’ etc . These will help create a pool of keywords large enough for a search engine to successfully detect you.

Therefore the importance of SEO, especially in the world of online marketing cannot be denied. Even in the world of paid marketing, SEO can get you noticed on ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ search engines such as Google and with the right keyword density and in fact, the right keywords, getting yourself on the first page of Google will soon be no problem at all!